Magellan's ship and voyages

The 15th and 16th centuries saw European cruises to explore new worlds and lands to take advantage of the resources and wealth of these lands, which is why many travelers who approached the kings of Europe to help them, and financed them with naval vessels and equipment for the journey of discovering new lands. To be controlled by these kings, one of the most important of these expeditions is the Magellan Voyage with his famous ship, which we will talk about in this article.

Who's Fernando Magellan?
Magellan is a Portuguese traveler and explorer born in Spinoza in northern Portugal, and later acquired Spanish identity as a result of his service to Spanish King Carlos VI in sailing west in search of a route to the Spice Islands (the Kings Islands of Indonesia).

Magellan's voyage and the name of his ship.
It is common that the name of the ship, which was piloted by the Portuguese traveler and explorer Fernando Magellan, born in 1480, is Victoria, where Magellan went to the Spanish king, who was known for his encouragement of the movement of geographical disclosures, and agreed to finance Magellan on his two-year expedition, where the aim of this was The journey is exploring a new route for the Spice Islands or the Kings Islands within the Indonesian islands to break the Italian monopoly on European trade and this journey began in 1019 and was called the Pacific Sea.

The reason for Victoria's famous
Magellan had several naval vessels, including the Trinidad, which Magellan himself rode, and the Victoria, and although the ship in question was finally not the one that Magellan had boarded during his expedition, it was famous for being the only surviving ship throughout the voyage. The discovery, which Magellan himself did not complete, was killed at the Battle of Mactan in the Philippines as a result of a poisonous arrow that prevented him from completing the journey, and was taken over by Juan Sebastian Alcano of the Basque Country of Spain, and was able to reach the end of this journey with eighteen of the total crew members. 270 people with their only surviving ship, Victoria.

Magellan's itinerary
Magellan's voyage originated from the port of Seville, and i was able to cruise around the globe one way on a continuous cruise, where he crossed the Atlantic Ocean, arrived in Brazil, and then crossed a strait in the far south of South America, and named the strait after him until he reached the Philippine Islands and was killed there.

The problems Magellan faced on his journey.
The journey led by Magellan was fraught with danger from the very beginning, where he ordered the King of Portugal to track down the Fleet of Magellan, but Magellan managed to escape from them, and soon faced another problem, namely the rebellion of a number of his crew members, but he was able to control this rebellion, and an epidemic of failure, where Magellan was executed after him two captains, and tortured several other rebels.