One of Europe's rich people is looking for love and can't find it, three girls have abandoned him and live a miserable life. A fascinating story of a Briton with $200 million!

Adrian Bayford, because of the millions he owns at the bank, maybe considered by many to be a very lucky man.
But since winning the £148 million ($196 million) lottery prize in 2012, the former postman has suffered problems that money simply cannot solve.
Locals claim that Adrian used to eat up to seven meat pies a day, each worth £1.50, after being delivered to him from a company in Cornwall, because it reminded him of his childhood in St Justice.
Adrian, according to The Sun, is unhappy, despite the money he has.
He had no luck in love, disagreed with his friends, and saw more weight as he sat alone in his sprawling mansion.
When Adrian ventures out of his £8.5 million ($11.2 million) home in Haver Hill, strangers scold him or touch him because of his indifference to the local public interest. His loneliness became so chronic that he had to pay people to be his companions.
More recently, one of them, Billy, has become his "full-time boxing coach", while 48-year-old Adrian embarks on another weight loss attempt. Others make money from him to act as his taxi drivers, as he has never passed the driving test.
Two years ago, Adrian paid 375,000 euros ($495,000) to buy The Rose and Crown, in a nearby village, but soon quarreled with the bar's workers and locals, and now he rarely visits the bar, although he still owns it.

His social life is ruined.
But what makes Adrian feel most isolated is his love life.
Just 15 months after winning the grand prize, he separated from his wife Gillian, 46. Gillian said their eight-year marriage had "irreparably" collapsed and she moved to Scotland with their two children.
Since then, Adrian has been displaced three times, injuring his pride and reducing his bank balance.
One of his girlfriends, a 31-year-old stable girl named Samantha Burbidge rejected Adrian's application for marriage and returned to her bankrupt boyfriend, bringing with her nearly 500,000 pounds ($660,000) worth of gifts that Adrian had been given.
Marta Jarusz, a 35-year-old former sausage factory worker, received a Volvo V40 with a state-of-the-art rear door, worth £34,000 ($45,000) before breaking up.
Waitress Lisa Kemp, 40, broke his heart when he left him while on vacation last summer.
Now, he is said to be keeping in mind another local girl, who his friends say is aggressively countering his attempts.
But those who know him well claim that the reason for his loneliness and extreme unhappiness is that he earned a lot of money.

A vacuum in his heart.
His closest friend, Richard Hudspeth, who ran Adrian's music store, the Suffolk Music Centre, said: "It's hard for him, this is a very unusual situation, he was lucky, that's all that happened to him. Now, he's got all this unwanted attention."
Winning this award put him in 516th place on the list of britain's richest people, with a fortune that rivals the fortunes of Eric Clapton and Sir Tom Jones.
Before that, his wife, Gillian, was a hospital cleaner, and she was getting extra money from visiting flea markets and trying to sell the goods through eBay.

Unlucky in love
The couple's debts were mounting, and court records were believed to have visited them at least once at their home, but after winning the award was completely different. from him to get subsidies. So far, nearly seven years later, his neighbors consider him a famous figure in their midst.
A bartender in a bar told the British newspaper: "People think it's nice to approach him while he drinks a glass and ask him why he doesn't buy champagne. They try to provoke him to fight, and it works."
His closest friend, Richard, who has always been with him, added: "He is not very frank, and he is often rude, but I do not blame him. He believes that nothing he does is newsworthy or irrelevant. My opinion is like that: his life is not anyone's business and there are more important things."
"Now he just wants to live a quiet life and the only thing he can do is to withdraw and isolate himself, not necessarily from the outside world, but to try not to encourage any interest in him."

His main problem is obesity.
Adrian, 6 feet tall and bald, who is obese, finds it difficult to hide from sight when he is outside. Its weight is a particularly sensitive subject.
Richard said: "Every story you hear about him begins with "Adrian the Fat" or "Adrian al-Mekarsh". This would anger anyone."
Adrian was photographed in 2017 at the Cambridge Rock Festival, hosted by his backyard garden to save him from cancellation. Last year he was spotted enjoying his time at the Octoberfest event in Cambridge. There, in an improvement after his last break-up with Lisa, he drank a lot of beer and danced with Bavarian waitresses.
Although he has enjoyed the decorations associated with his vast wealth over the years, he is now more eager than ever to return to his life before this victory.
In addition to devouring the meat pies from Cornwall he ate as a child, he replaced expensive holidays abroad with men's nights with his friends, at a cheap, seaside resort in Great Yarmouth, England. He was seen there last summer buying several cups, each worth £1.30, and other £2.50 ($2.3) for his owners.
On a Christmas night, he bought a load of pine trees, sold them for just £10 ($13) on his property, and carried them himself into customer car boxes. However, no matter how hard he tries to escape the stigma of his money, she pursues him everywhere.

Not popular with the locals.
Adrian had a fight with his friends and the festival director he hosted in 2017 and last year was said to be among those he had quarreled with, and he always felt critical of the residents of the 38 houses he rents. As tenants seem to see as a wealthy landowner, they should pay for everything simply because they can.
This difficult situation has led to some embarrassing public quarrels. In 2016, Kim Mills, a disabled woman, said he had fired her because she had difficulty paying the rent increase of £250 ($330) and that his millions had ruined their friendship.
Adrian responded with a breakdown on social media, writing: "People who criticize me, who don't even know me, have no idea about me or what I do for people." Adrian, after his feelings were hurt, said that 45 families were working in "lifelong" jobs thanks to him.
Adrian continued: "It is better for people who go to the newspapers to talk about me to be prepared for what the newspapers will find out about them, let the war begin. Yes, I have been lucky, trying and helping as many as possible, but I do not want unwanted people to ruin my life. Unfortunately, they are trying, and unfortunately for them, that I do not care at all, everything is just in love and war."
But the truth is that very few things in Adrian's life seem fair to him, as his ex-wife Gillian remarried and changed herself. She is now underweight, her hair is long and her make-up is excellent, and she built a real estate empire in her hometown of Dundee.
"When you win the lottery, it's very exhausting," Adrian said after their separation, but he didn't know how tired he was.