Real stories can become horror movies

Some of the horror films that have made a stir in the film world is inspired by real-life stories.
These stories inspired many authors to write exciting horror film events.
In a report published by the Russian website AFP, the writer Maxim Evald reviewed real events that could turn into future horror film scenarios.

Meat rain
In 1876, a city in the United States experienced a unique and unprecedented incident, with the city raining pieces of raw meat, the author said.
Although these pieces were very small, they covered an entire area of a small garden.
 Reporters and local residents who rushed to the scene differed in determining the source of the falling meat from the sky.
People who dared to taste it reported that it was most likely lamb or deer meat. Despite the multiplicity of accounts of the incident, one story is closer to reality: that the land is home to eagles, and that a number of them were probably suffering from a disease, causing them to vomit the meat they ate while flying over that area.

Massacre on a German farm
In April 1922, an entire family was found murdered on a German farm.
The family consists of Andreas Gruber, his wife, daughter, two grandchildren and a housekeeper, who carried out the killing against family members with an ax.
It is worth mentioning that before the incident, the family knew several strange events, where the former appointee left the house, knowing that the place was cursed.
The author indicated that the perpetrator had not yet been found. The family had a bad reputation, with locals circulating rumors of an intimate relationship between Gruber and his daughter. According to one account, the incident was perpetrated by a villager.

Dead Diatlov
In 1959, nine people, led by Igor Diatlov, went to the mountains to ski there, and were later found dead on a footpath in the Ural mountains.
These persons were stripped naked despite the low temperature there.

Palace of Death
At the end of the 19th century, the American serial killer, H.H. Holmes bought a house on 63rd Street in Chicago.
Holmes built a castle, where the women were lured to kill them in various ways, to sell the bodies to medical schools.
As soon as Holmes was arrested and his home broke into, police found stairs, secret passages, mysterious rooms and other strange structures.
According to the author, investigations have been unable to reveal the exact number of Holmes' victims, according to various estimates, ranging from 20 to 200 victims killed by Holmes.

Lalor Palace
In 1934, a large fire broke out at The Lalori Palace, and after the fire was completely extinguished, firefighters found a slave worker tied to a table inside.
This work was the victim of The Palace's Delphine Lalor, who was a suitable place to carry out numerous crimes against several slaves, most of whom were found to be severely handcuffed and tortured. Before her arrest, she managed to escape the country.

 The Gibbons sisters.
According to the author, sisters John and Jennifer Gibbons had speech problems, communicating with each other in a secret and unique language that was incomprehensible to those around them.
The sisters were unusually identical, and no one was able to separate them.
In the face of their unnatural behavior, the girls were admitted to Broadmoor Hospital in England, where they had lived for 11 years.
After their release, Jennifer died of a heart attack. Gibbons later admitted that while they were in the hospital, she and her sister signed a contract requiring one to die for the other to lead a normal life after leaving the hospital.

Iowa Dead
The author stated that in 1912, a family, consisting of a husband, a wife, and four children were found dead.
The family members were beaten first, and then their bodies were cut off with an ax. Despite numerous attempts to identify the killer, investigators failed to gather sufficient evidence to refer to the real culprit.

Tom with two fingers.
According to the author, tom two-fingered, a four-meter crocodile living in a U.S. swamp terrorized locals by attacking livestock and individuals.
In an attempt to get rid of it, a farmer blew up the swamp using several chemicals. But a group of reptiles retaliated against him by dragging his 12-year-old daughter into the swamp.

Prestel Noise
In some countries such as England, Scotland and the United States, some locals hear loud voices as our homelands cause them to suffer from problems such as migraines and lack of sleep.