Strange customs and traditions

Customs and traditions
Customs and traditions reflect the cultures of peoples, each region has its own customs and traditions that vary from region to region, and customs and traditions are summarized in many special things, such as the way of speech, food, clothing, and matters related to marriage, but some peoples have many strange customs, and in This article will introduce some strange customs and traditions.

Strange customs and traditions
Living with the dead in Indonesia
Adonia is a tradition, and one of these rituals is that people live with their dead family members before being buried for several months in one of the rooms of the house, which is spread in the Swagga area.

Usually cutting fingers in Indonesia
Danny's tribe in Indonesia follows a strange habit where women are forced to cut off part of their fingers when a family member dies, and this aims to alert them to emotional pain, by tying the woman's finger to a thin thread until it is numbed, then cutting off part of the finger, and then being k.

Usually breaking tiles at the wedding
One of the strange customs is spread in Germany, a ritual of marriage where friends, parents of the couple smash all dishes, toilets, mats, and tiles in the couple's home on the night of the wedding, and the couple should take the house from the remains to keep a memory of them at the beginning of their lives.

Banana soup with the bone of the dead.
One of the tribes that live in the Amazon forests, known as Yanomamo follows a strange habit, which is to wrap the body of a person in the leaves to allow insects to pounce on them, and the remains of the body are collected, crushed after 45 days, to mix with banana soup, and then they are eaten by everyone, and it must be noted that They think this weather will bring the body to heaven.

Prevent inge between the couple and the bride
The couple's pre-wedding bathing habit is common in Malaysia, particularly in the northern Borneo region, where couples are banned from bathing three days before their wedding, because they believe the weather will bring them a long life, and the couple is monitored to make sure they do not shower ahead of schedule.

Husband carried his wife and walked on the coals
A ritual of exotic rituals spreads in China where the husband is forced to carry his wife, walking on the burning coals before entering their home, which, in their view, is a sign of a successful life between the couple.

Bear worship in Japan spreads in Japan
Many worships, strange customs, the most important of which is the worship of bears, especially in the Eno tribe, because they believe that it is a machine that walks on the ground, and then they slaughter it, drink its blood, bless it, also, to make sense of the skull of bears, and skin it.

Monkey Feast in Thailand
An annual monkey celebration is held in Thailand, particularly in Bangkok's Waburi Prefecture, where they prepare a feast weighing about 3 tons of fruit, vegetables they prefer, and the monkeys love them.

Face-to-face competition in England
A competition has been held annually in the countryside of England since 1267, where the contestants put a horseshoe on their faces, to show off in the most horrible way, and the winner is the one who appears in the ugliest way.