Strange events around the world

There are strange and strange events in this world, and I will remember them today to remember them together that one of the strange and strange events is (Mumbai). It is a model of the famous German octopus, Paul made of pure gold. It was made by an Indian drafting company. She participated in the India International Jewellery Fair. The pure gold from which the octopus was made weighs 3.3kg and is worth $133,000.

One of the most surprising events is a woman who has not slept in Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam. She is 54 years old. This woman said she hasn't slept in 31 years. She tried to commit suicide twice because of this painful disease. Since the birth of her first child in 1965, she has lost the ability to sleep and has been unable to do all the forbidden medicine, and the strange sedative, to bring her to sleep, and she now spends the night doing housework. In Yugoslavia, a 79-year-old man is married to twenty-five women in one year. This guy works as a barber.

A woman in the Philippines, who met a man one day at 1:30 p.m., then engaged her at 3:30, and then he married her at 7:00 a.m. Half an hour later they disagreed and everyone went to his way. This is the fastest love story.

In California, a kitten was caught stealing more than 600 pieces from his neighbors over three years and an infrared camera were set up to show who the thief was. Dusty is shown in the video transporting various items as he transports a towel, plastic dinosaur, and a bra as well. Dusty's neighbors knew about the cat's adventures. But they didn't file a complaint against him. Because they knew where to find their stolen stuff.

In Los Angeles, an American girl sprayed black pepper in a large store to prevent them from accessing priced goods on the occasion of end-of-year discounts in the U.S. Twenty people, including children, were hit by pepper spray and treated.

In Kansu City, China, there is a person named Ah-Kwai that this person has seen with his own eyes his grandchildren until the tenth generation. The son of a son of a son is known as the son of a son of a son of a son of a son. He lived in the era of "Golden Happiness" and the emperor was looking for the happiest man in his empire and gave him this founding grandfather of this great family, he had (130) grandson years (1790)

In August 2007, a young American named Corey Taylor falsified a certificate confirming that he had died, to avoid paying $175 in exchange for his contract with a communications company, the Washington Post reported.

Opera Haskell is located on the Canadian-U.S. border. What's strange is that the house theater and a section of the public's seat are located in Canada, and the second part of the audience seats is located in the United States, the Opera House website explains.