A businessman speaking to the students of the final year is a motivational story

At the seminar held at one of the management colleges,

The role of one of the guests, a well-known businessman, came to give his speech to the students of the final year, the man began his speech by saying:
 "I didn't have enough time to write a stylized word or prepare a presentation, but in the next five minutes, I'll try to give you a summary of my experience if you help me. Only those who want to help me raise their hands.

Here, a few attendees raised their hands with some hesitation, while the others abstained. The businessman continued: "Well, this is the state of "inaction" caused by boredom or mistrust, watch out for the laxity of the work may waste great opportunities on you."
 Then he pulled out of his pocket a paper and said, "This is a check for $1, 000* I took from the college administration in exchange for teaching you something new, and I'm going to give it to the one who raises his hand until he reaches the highest possible point."
And when he put his signature on the check, all the attendees started to pay attention and raise their hands high,

The man continued: this was the "stimulation",
You can't do anything unless you motivate your employees."
In the next minute, each of the participants was trying to win the check and looking at those around him and trying to make his hand higher than them, the businessman intervened again:
 "This is a competition that may seem tough and fierce, but in the end, it puts everyone in a better position," one young man objected, "It's not fair, I'm shorter, and that puts me in a bad position."

The businessman replied: "Yes, they have temporary and limited competitive advantages that don't make them frustrate you, go on, who says life is fair?". A few seconds of competition like this until the same young man jumped over the seat and raised his hand and became much higher than the rest of the competitors, the businessman explained what happened saying:

"This is the thinking outside the box that can put you in the lead position, but you will only continue it for a moment", and indeed soon everyone in the tradition of the young man began to stand above the seats and raise their hands until the levels converged again, then some began to put things above the seats until they reached higher levels, commented  Businessman:

"This is the continuous improvement that will ensure you stay in the competition.
Other moments of fierce competition until three young men agreed to cooperate to carry each other so that the first one would be at the highest point, and then share the prize when they win.
And so they reached an unprecedented high, the businessman explained what happened:

"This is teamwork that starts with small teams within the organization and reaches out to large partnerships and giant economic conglomerates."
Of course other teams were formed from the rest of the participants, and no one left working solo, so the hall became a group of competing teams and each team tries to follow different methods to outperform the competitors, and when all the teams appeared in very close levels the fastest young man to rearrange his colleagues, but the weight in Down and lower at the top, then explain their position among the rest of the teams and infuse them with enthusiasm to propose new ideas so that his team can make a big difference in the level of altitude, the businessman shouted:

"That's leadership.

And here ended the five minutes, the businessman thanked the winning team and then put the check-in his pocket as they left, and when the winners asked him the check he said quietly: "This is the last lesson, don't believe it at all. That you can learn for free

I'm a businessman.