A woman who texted her dead father's phone every day for a while, finally getting a reply after four years.

Chastity Patterson is a girl who lost her father, but she kept texting him daily on his phone number until she was surprised to respond to her messages four years after his death. So how is that? And what was the response?

A girl who lost her father.

The 23-year-old American, Chastetti Patterson, suffered after the death of her father four years ago, as she sought to overcome that difficult period of her life by messaging his phone number all those years to reassure him that the late father was still alive.
During this period, Chastetti spoke in telephone messages about the difficulties and joys she faced, noting her ability to defeat the dreaded cancer, her ability to pass the university stage more than her ability to take care of herself and her health as well as promised.
Things were going normally, until the fourth anniversary of the father's death, and the grieving daughter revealed during her letter that it was her hardest day because she remembered him so much when what Chastetti never expected happened, that she had reached a response to her messages!

Reply to Chastetti Patterson's letters

Chastity realized that her sad messages were reaching the man who owned her father's number after his death, but the surprise was not only that this person was the father of a young girl, who left life about five years ago in a car accident.
The man, named Brad, explained that Chastetti's messages kept him alive throughout, saying, "I knew that your messages were originally a message from God to reassure me, I wished to answer you, but I didn't want to break your heart."
Brad continued: "You are a wonderful girl, I wish I could see my daughter grow up to be like you, but now I feel that he made up for your messages, I am proud of you and I feel that your father shares the same feeling with me."
The daughter immediately posted the reply to her messages on social media, where she confirmed that she now feels better and that she is as if she was assured of the condition of her late father through that last letter, noting in the end that the deceased person was not her biological father, but he was the one who raised her until she became a young girl before  He left life four years ago.