The story of the 10 strangest marriages in the world

The marriage appeared to combine the relationship between a man and a woman and put it in the correct context.

But there are many strange things that some human beings have brought in, and they have taken them out of the frame of reason and logic in the ritual of marriage, or the choice of husbands and themselves, and these are ten of the strongest marriages in the world as reported in the Daily Mirror.

A man marries the body of his bride:
In the strangest incident of its kind, In January 2012, Shadier Davy married the Thai wife of his girlfriend who was killed, after a 10-year love affair in which she tried to get him to marry her, but he always learned about his currency, and when davy died he felt guilty and decided to marry her body.

A woman marries the Eiffel Tower:
They say that love is madness, but not to the extent that a woman is associated with a tower! A French woman's love for the Eiffel Tower extended to the point of marriage and even changed her surname to Become Erica La Tour Eifel.

Marriage of the tallest man in the world:
Many of the Turkish sultan Kuzin's attempts to marry failed, but finally, he smiled luck and finally found a Syrian wife three feet shorter then him, and ten years younger, to finally marry the tallest man in the world.

A man marries a fictional character:
In the first of its kind, a Japanese married a character of video games and held his marriage in 2009 in a virtual wedding on Nene Anegaxi, which is found only on mobile phones or computer screens.

A woman marries two men at the same time:
In the strangest incident, maria butzky marries two men in 2012, when she fell into a confusion between her husband Paul and her boyfriend Peter Grumman, Maria decides to bring them together and asks Peter to move in with her husband and two children in the family home in Britain.

A woman marries a roller coaster game:
In a repeat of a previous Japanese marriage in which the wife was a virtual toy, an American woman marries a toy from a toy in a toy park in Pennsylvania.

A man marries himself:
A Chinese man broke all expectations and decided to marry himself, because he did not find a woman on earth like him, so he designed a cartoon model similar to him, and married him on New Year's Eve 2007.

A woman marries a dog:
There is no doubt that the relationship between humans and dogs are recognized in the context of friendship, but what if the friendship turns into love? The love of British Amanda Rodgers reached a great degree of god, which made her marry her dog in August 2012, especially after she had a failed natural marriage experience 20 years ago.

A woman marries a cobra snake:
In one of the strangest weddings in history, 30-year-old Bimala Das marries a cobra, and the most unusual thing about that marriage is the overwhelming joy of parents and neighbors because they think the snake brings good luck to those around her.

Newlyweds drink each other's blood:
One of the most important reasons for the success of married life is the existence of the element of participation, but the couple Arrow Deven and Leah Peningov have another perspective on the meaning of sharing, where they share each other's blood, each week they drink a quantity of each other's blood in a strange ritual in an expression of love!