Halloween.. A horror story turned into a world day.

The most fearsome day of the year is "Halloween" or "Panic Festival", which is celebrated in Western and even Arab countries with scary costumes and candy distribution to children.

Halloween falls on the last day of October every year, and this Wednesday, millions around the world will celebrate wearing scary masks, decorating houses and giving candy to children, as usual.

But what is the truth of "Halloween", and how was it beginning?

The origin of "Halloween" dates back to the Samen Festival, a religious festival for Catholics in Britain and parts of Europe, designed to terrorize the evil spirits that emerge after the end of the summer.

Gaelic civilization in Britain considered the end of summer to be a time when the world of the dead is intertwined with the real world, prompting spirits to go out and share their lives with the rest of humanity.

The day later became known as "The Evening of all Ghosts" or "The First Halo Eve", and comes the day before Halloween, November 1st.

But Halloween saw its real start in the United States when he brought his idea to North America, Irish immigrants, in the 19th century.

The idea evolved when some children and teenagers started wearing "terrifying" costumes during Halloween to scare the residents of nearby homes, as a kind of joke.

The idea of celebrating Halloween for the elderly has also arrived in recent decades, becoming a day for children and young people to celebrate at the same time, in different ways.

Halloween fever has reached all over the world, and it has become a day when people around the world celebrate wearing scary or funny costumes.