The Story Behind John Wick - Movies

A repentant former hitman, John Wick has just lost his wife Helen, who died after a long illness. Shortly after the funeral, John receives a package, containing a female beagle puppy named Daisy and a letter: it is a posthumous gift from Helen to help her overcome her disappearance. John gets attached to Daisy and takes her for a ride in his 1969 Ford Mustang. Arrested at a gas station to refuel, he meets a trio of Russian mobsters, whose ringleader, Iosef, interested in the car, insists that John sell him. He refuses and responds to Iosef's insult in Russian in the same language. That evening, he was attacked in his house by Iosef and his gang who followed him home. They steal the Mustang and kill Daisy. The next day, Iosef brings the car to Aurelio's garage, to modify it, but the latter, understanding who it belongs to and having learned how Iosef appropriated it, hit it and refuses to take it. Soon after, Wick visits Aurelio's workshop, which tells him that Iosef is the son of Viggo Tarasov, head of the Russian mafia and also his former employer.

When Viggo calls Aurelio about the incident with Iosef, Iosef details the situation. Viggo reprimands Iosef and explains that John Wick was his best assassin, nicknamed Baba Yaga, before retiring after falling in love with Helen. On his last mission, he helped Viggo eliminate competition, allowing him to take control of the crime syndicate. To protect his son, Viggo tries to reason with Wick on the phone, to no avail. He then sends a killer commando home to eliminate him. John, however, manages to neutralize them one by one, forcing the Russian mobster to put a $2 million contract on his head. He offers the contract to Marcus, a confirmed killer, and a mentor to Wick.

He took refuge at the Continental Hotel, an establishment reserved exclusively for assassins and which has the rule never to do business within its walls. When Viggo finds out where he's hiding, he doubles the bounty for the one who breaks the rule to kill him. John learns from Winston, the owner of the hotel, that Iosef is in a nightclub, the Red Circle. He goes there and manages to eliminate many security personnel, but fails to catch Iosef. Injured in the clash with a Viggo minion, John returns to the Continental for treatment. There, he is attacked by an old acquaintance and former colleague, Miss Perkins, who took the contract to shoot him by surprise. He's rescued by Marcus, stashed across the street from the hotel. John manages to subdue Perkins after a violent fight and temporarily put her out of harm's way while forcing her to tell him where Viggo's money is. He leaves it in the good care of a neighbor, Harry, to await his punishment for breaking the rules. But Perkins manages to free himself and kill Harry.

John goes to a church, which serves as a cover for the accounting of the Russian mafia, eliminates guards and burns money and compromising documents for government officials, which Viggo uses as leverage. When he arrives at the church, John ambushes him but is quickly subdued. Viggo taunts John about his revenge and retirement, before leaving him in the hands of two of his men. Marcus intervenes again, kills one of them, allowing John to free himself and kill the other. Later, John intercepts Viggo's car and forces him to reveal Iosef's location, which Viggo reluctantly does. John goes there and kills the guards before completing Iosef.

Perkins discovers that Marcus and Wick have been in contact and reveals it to Viggo, who goes to Marcus' house, tortures him and kills him. Viggo calls John to inform him of Marcus' death. Waiting near Marcus' house to kill John, Perkins is called to a secret meeting with Winston, who revokes his continental membership for breaking the rules. She's shot. Winston informs John that Viggo is trying to flee by helicopter. John goes there, eliminates Viggo's henchmen and confronts him with his bare hands.

Viggo manhandled, pulls out a knife. In the fight, John grabs Viggo's arm and plants the blade in his abdomen. Taking advantage of his opponent's surprise, John breaks his arm, pulls the knife out of his abdomen and fatally stabs Viggo. Although seriously injured, John enters a veterinary clinic for treatment. He leaves the scene with a pit bull and walks by the bridge where he had lived his last moment with Helen.