Loneliness is not painful. Why do you have to be alone on your own?

Loneliness is so painful that it can affect your health, but at the same time it may not be a bad thing, as experts say that being alone can benefit your social relationships, improve your creativity and self-confidence, and help you organize your feelings so you can better cope with different situations.

How do I get rid of loneliness if I decide to be alone?

At first, you should know that isolation is not always good, unless you are open to yourself and aware that being alone is not necessarily negative, but maybe for compelling reasons that will benefit you in your life.

Isolation can have a calming effect for ourselves, prepare to stake us to deal better with others, and help us organize our feelings.

There may be some mental, emotional and social benefits of choosing to spend time doing things on your own, but the main way of benefit is in your own choice.

Why is it so hard to spend time alone?

Robert Coplan, a developmental psychologist, and professor of psychology at Carleton University said, "Historically, isolation has had a very bad reputation" because it was sometimes used as a form of punishment, the New York Times reported.

The reason for the problem was that we were not instilling the fact that isolation could be optional and should not be permanent.

The existence of so much research that shows that humans are social beings that benefit from interacting with others has led many people to try to deny the importance of spending time alone. It became difficult for them to imagine a person's ability to benefit from both.

Don't make your isolation because of someone.

Some people make their isolation experience all about other people, as research reveals that people usually feel depressed about enjoying activities on their own, especially those who think others are watching them.

Overestimating how much people are focused on us, and worrying about being subjected to judgment on us, our feelings that can dissuade us from doing things that bring us joy.

Your fear can stir up feeling like being alone with your thoughts, giving yourself space and open time to roam your mind without social barriers.

Why is it good to be alone?

Enjoying the benefits of spending time alone is not about being introverted or open, as people who appreciate the isolation and tend to ignore their desires to please others find themselves more enjoyable.

The freedom not to have to follow in others' footwork, without "pressure to do something, talk to someone or commit to planning with others", is to treat and disassemble stress even in social people.

Spending time with your thoughts without social gestures can be refreshing, build son-in-law, and make it easier for you to maintain borders.
Also, this can enhance your productivity, engagement with others, and creativity.

How do we do that?

         By distorting the golden rule: Treat yourself as you like to treat others. Don't be eccentric and be open to exploring new interests.
         Leave a free space in your life and devote some time to it, even if it's just spending 30 minutes a week reading in a cafĂ©.
         Take short steps if you have just started.
         Time spent alone is a great opportunity to explore new interests.
         If the idea of spending time alone is particularly stressful and touting, it may be an important sign that you need medical help.
         If you find it difficult to listen to thoughts that are going on in your mind, recording diaries can be a great way to overcome and evaluate those feelings.
         Try not to spend time on your phone, as it is a major distraction.