Movies - ESCAPE GAME - The whole story.

After solving the riddle of a secret box received in a package, six people discover the invitation to participate in an escape game in Chicago with the key $10,000 promised to the winner. The team consists of Ben, Zoey, Amanda, Mike, Jason, and Danny.

As soon as they arrive in the Minos Escape Room building, everyone has their mobile phone confiscated, supposedly so that no pictures of the game filter. When Ben tries to get out of the waiting room where everyone is gathered, he triggers a mechanism that rings the beginning of the escape game. Zoey, a physics student, accidentally activates a trap that activates a heating system in the room. Realizing that the game they are playing is deadly, the players manage to escape from the first room and Amanda, a veteran, remembers surviving an improvised explosive device (IED) attack.

The second room is a wooden hut locked by two padlocks. The first is opened with a key and the second requires a seven-letter word. The reindeer heads hanging on the wall remind Ben of his first car ride with friends during which he was listening to a Christmas song, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer when an accident occurred of which he was the only survivor. The team manages to get out of the house, but it locks permanently behind them, leaving them in another room occupied by a lake with a frozen surface. Jason discovers the locked exit door, while Amanda finds a red parka in a trunk, which the players decide to take turns wearing. When Danny tries to retrieve Ben's lighter to help the group melt an ice cube containing the key to the exit door, this solution being deemed illegal by the game's designers, the ice breaks under his feet to punish him and he drowns. It reminds Jason of surviving in icy waters following a shipwreck with a friend wearing a red parka.

When the team manages to avoid the pitfalls of the icy room, they access an upturned billiard room whose floor slips under their feet as time passes. Zoey then remembers an air crash that resulted in the death of her mother. A team member finds a door without a handle and also notices the absence of ball 8 on the pool table. So he thinks this ball might be the missing handle. Amanda manages to find her in a safe, but when she pulls her back, she drops her on the last platform about to slip away. She then decides to sacrifice herself and pick up the handle to save the team.

The next room is a hospital ward. Players realize that the six beds present are the same as those where they were hospitalized after their respective accidents, realizing that the hardships they suffered were modeled on their lives. A TV show tells them that they have 5 minutes to find a certain limit of their own before a toxic gas spreads into the room. Finding an electrocardiograph, Mike has the idea of making his heartbeat as quickly as possible, without success. Jason convinces Mike to stop his heart with a defibrillator, but the maneuver fails and costs him his life. Jason then tries the opposite: to decrease his heart rate as much as possible, which causes the door to open. But, at the same time, Zoey, exasperated by the game she thinks is rigged, destroys all the cameras in the room, refusing to follow her two partners, and ends up intoxicated by the gas.

Jason and Ben enter a new psychedelic play. They argue about the death of Mike and Zoey, and Ben admits to understanding that Jason finally survived the sinking by killing his flight mate. Upon learning that they have been drugged, they find a message that they must find an antidote to survive. Ben discovers a syringe containing a single dose of antidote. During the ensues fight, Ben kills Jason and grabs the antidote. He can then access the next room.

Just escaped from a shrinking library, Ben accessed the roof of the building and discovered the game's control room, with a screen indicating that he was the only survivor. He also meets the master of the game (Game Master), who announces the existence of several versions of the game precede the one he lived and that wealthy outsiders bet on the results. To prevent him from divulging the secrets of the game to the outside world, he tries to kill Ben, but he is narrowly saved by Zoey, who managed to survive the toxic gas through an oxygen mask. Both managed to get out of the building.

While Ben is in the hospital following his injuries, Zoey tries to explain to the police what happened. In the absence of evidence, the waiting room was completely charred, and her testimony was rejected.

Six months later, Zoey meets Ben and shows him press reports showing false reasons for the accidental death of the other four members of the team. The young woman, determined to put an end to these deadly games, convinces Ben to accompany her to New York, where the headquarters of Minos Escape Room is located.

In a large hangar, takes place the simulation of an air crash, which turns out to be a new test of the Puzzle Master for the next flight of Zoey and Ben.