Midnight Ghost Story, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

We all love to read horror stories and watch ghost movies, gin, and spells, especially late at night and loneliness. And today we brought you from real horror stories a new horror story that has already happened somewhere we tell you on the lips of its owner and it is the story of a ghost boy appearing in the middle of the night! I leave you with a horror story, and I hope you like it. It's a fun read.

Midnight Ghost Story

One day in 1994 we came empty and signs of anger and distress are visible on a destination because of his inability to transport the goods from the stores to his wholesale shop located in the same town and the caro carts carried by donkeys were the means of transporting goods in this small town. On this day, My aunt was unable to transport his goods due to an accident in the car parking lot that led to the death of one of the young boys who was driving one of the cars and fell and was run over by the wheels of a transport car with a large trailer and the boy died on the spot and there was a clash between the owners of the vehicles on the one hand and between the driver of the trailer And porters on the other hand. And after that incident at 12:00 p.m. the same day, my grandmother was standing in the east of our apartment on the ground floor, and suddenly she came to us speeding running and saying in horror that she saw a car driven without a driver and was followed by a group of dogs barking so hard and immediately I connected me to what My grandmother tells him about the boy's death, but I didn't say what went to my mind.

The next night, around the same time, we heard a hysterical dog bark ing under my room window, and when we looked down, we found a dog with a body raised on its feet, as if someone was holding him and waving him in a grotesque circle, and around him a group of dogs barking hysterically as if they were seeing something they wanted to attack, and after It started to get worse, the next night at midnight, we were surprised by a barrage of bricks and stones running down the windows of our house, and these strange events continued three nights in a row, and I was trying to communicate with this thing, thinking inside me that it was the ghost of the dead boy, so I turned off the light of my room and started talking to I tell him to let's become friends and I was finding the palm of a child waving at me from behind the window and the news started spreading in the family and I told my father but he didn't believe and he told me that these superstitions have no evidence and I told him if I wait until midnight and you will believe me and see for yourself .

And indeed the barking of dogs and blocks of bricks and sand began to come towards our apartment so my father opened the window to cause the person to do this until the surprise came !! All the kitchen items were cooks and ma'ams and others dumped in the street and my father accused me of doing it, but luckily I showed my innocence because I had spent the day with my aunt and my father began to follow the strange phenomenon until he saw himself donkey hooves knocking on the window and we resolved to expel this The ghost we took care of one of the sheiks who recommended us to read the Qur'an along with some other advice and the incidents actually ended after nearly two months spent in real terror.