Underground inhabitants-Strange information.

We said, that human beings can rebuild the earth and live there and the question is, are there beings that preceded us? Is the earth's interior as permits as its surface?

These questions puzzled scientists and those interested in geology and military, to come to American geologist Philip Schneider and reveal what he saw there, and although he has supporters and proved his words in pictures, his opponents many, but the manner of his death or assassination may prove that he is right, and it was not what he says " scientific hallucinations!

"My career with the U.S. government was to work on the project to expand the "Dolce Secret" base by drilling underground two and a half miles on level seven and knowing the type of rocks to choose a method. Blow it up and get an empty area, to create a tunnel network with a certain area and depth. As we dug into the ground, we saw caves of caves carved in geometric altruism, where we found networks of tunnels pre-excavated, with some strange objects, to bring out strange objects that we later knew were called "greys"!

They are a kind of mythical, sane, non-human creature, and have acquired their name from the color of their gray skin, but their color does not last long, for example when they are hungry they turn to light yellow. They differ from human beings in their personal feelings and feelings of the other, and they are species, including those who live on the earth, and some who live in space! "America teaches these beings and has made treaties with them, including the 1954 Treaty of Grida, which allows them to take several cows and animals to test them, and they are entitled to take humans as well or kidnap them on condition that the government is given their names!

They need DNA to clone themselves and preserve their sex every two decades, and the way they are fed is amazing and done through the skin, and the removal through the skin, too, is illustrated by the body of the bodies of animals killed and mutilated to feed on!

Scientists say the theory of the hollow earth: there are six doors or niches that connect you to that underworld and connect the earth's surface and its hollow, the first and largest of the Arctic opening, the second opening of the Antarctic, the third opening of the Bermuda Triangle area in the Atlantic Ocean, and the fourth opening of the port of the Triangle of Vermoza in the The Pacific Ocean, the fifth port located beneath Egypt's Great Pyramid, and the sixth in Area 51 in the Desert of Nevada.