new year - 6 Traditions of Celebration You've Never Seen Before

There is no shortage of customs to celebrate the New Year in the world. If in the USA, we think of mistletoe, tinsel or good resolutions when the twelve strokes of midnight sound, it is not the same elsewhere. Here are the most unusual lubes of other countries, and who knows, we could try to follow as many as possible on the evening of our New Year's Eve ...

You have to have a big mouth in Spain to have a good year! Indeed, every stroke of midnight, our neighbors must eat a grape. Unless you're very quick, exercise can be dangerous, but it's for a good cause! This small tradition brings prosperity, luck, and success for every month of the year.

In many countries, the color of the underwear you wear on the last day of the year is decisive for the future. So in Venezuela, you have to put yellow underwear for luck. If you are looking for love in Argentina, it is in pink that you will have to parade while red is the symbol of a prosperous year in Italy.

Dreaming of travel and escape in 2020? So take inspiration from the Colombian tradition and your wish will come true. To do this, just go around the block with an empty suitcase and the trick is played. After that, all that's left is your boss to convince you to let you ask for a few days...

The Russians have a pretty trick... to make the year happy. Like a few tricks of witchcraft, they write the wish they would like to see fulfilled. Then the word is burned, then the leftovers diluted in a glass of champagne and vodka. All that's left to do is drink this delicious beverage. Cheers!

Brazilians are quite superstitious and the celebration of the new year is subject to many traditions depending on the region. While it is common enough to dress in white to attract positive energies, some do not hesitate to throw themselves into the water, literally. On New Year's Eve, the beaches are full. Indeed, it is good to jump seven waves by making seven vows for the different days of the week.

In Chile, locals consume lentils at midnight. The reason? It gives them money and work. And to ensure a positive year, you just have to sweep in front of the door of your house!

The noisiest New Year's Palm is certainly given to Australians who are all hitting the loudest possible on pots and pans that night... Their neighbors must be delighted!