7 signs that prove your cat he loves you

here are 7 signs that prove that your feline loves you (even if he has a funny way of showing it).

Some scientists claim that he is pretentious, others go so far as to say that he is downright psychopathic. Clichés that it is easy to break apart if you decipher your behavior. Not only is the cat good for our health, but it also has affection for us. Proof by 7 signs that do not deceive.

1 - It rubs against your legs

This gesture is as cute as it is important. Indeed, when your cat rubs against your legs, it equates you with its territory by depositing pheromones on you. And while he's marking you, he's also picking up the pheromones you're releasing. So it's a very valuable gesture. When you rub, your cat says you belong to him and that he loves you. Possessive the little beast

2- the cat rolls on his back

When your cat rolls on his back and exposes his belly, it means two things. First, it shows that he trusts you. In this position, he is vulnerable, but he loves you and knows you won't hurt him. Maybe he even likes you enough to let himself be petted there, which is quite rare in cats. Finally, this position can also be considered a message. Are you preparing to go out or engage in any activity and that's when he rolls on his back? Your cat tries to get your attention and demands to come first. Cuddle him, make sure his bowl is not empty, he will thank you with purrs.

3 - It licks your hair and ears

If you are the proud owner of two (or three etc.) cats, then you may have realized that cats often groom each other. These small cleaning sessions are a great sign of trust and friendship. If your twink has made a habit of querying your hair or earlobes, don't be alarmed, it simply means that he just considers you a big cat and that you are part of his inner circle. Don't panic so, not only does he love you but you're probably one of his favorite people.

4 - the cat rubs his head against yours

This is often seen in big cats such as lions. And what is certain is that this is one of the clearest ways to find your cat to show you that he loves you. Indeed, when he comes into contact with you in this way, he takes the opportunity to release pheromones on your face, which reflects a sense of security and confidence.

5 - It kneads your belly with its paws

As much as this gesture is very unpleasant for us, its significance is great. When the cat kneads the belly of its owner with its paws, it is because it communicates its feelings to you. Veterinarians and scientists believe that this behavior refers to their birth and their youth in general. Indeed, to stimulate the rise of milk in its mother, the kitten will knead her belly and her breasts with her little paws. By reproducing this gesture on you, it tells you that he is happy and that he feels safe

6 - the cat sleeps glued against you

It is often said that the cat is very independent being. But his behavior during the nap or at night tends to prove that he is not that lonely. Cats especially appreciate hot and safe places to sleep because this is when they are most vulnerable. If your hairball has made a habit of snuggling up to you at nightfall or if it curls up on your lap at the time of its nap, it is because it trusts you (and surely it finds you comfortable). The cat is a real hot water bottle on legs, everyone finally wins.

7 - He purrs

The cat purrs in 9 different ways. Some of these purrs are positive but some are also negative. the cat can purr with pain or because it is stressed for example. But fortunately, most of the time, this sound is associated with well-being and relaxation. You're stroking him and he's purring over and over? He is simply happy to share this moment of sweetness and tenderness with you. Another good side of the purr? Scientists who have studied this exclusively feline habit believe that this sound has a de-stressing power over humans. One more reason to enjoy the company of cats.

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