A black cat has become a nurse who takes care of the animals and treats them

The story of this black cat who cares for other animals in a Polish shelter never ceases to amaze the world. Many reactions to this surprising altruistic attitude are even going around the internet and raising more and more questions. But how can a cat help other animals heal? Why is he doing this? Focus on this cat more than extraordinary.

who is Rademenes the black cat?

Radames was taken by his owners to the shelter in the town of Bydgoszcz, Poland shortly after his birth, to be euthanized. The poor cat was in a serious condition because of inflammation of the airways.

The vet who was going to execute him gave him only a few days to live, and this, in great suffering. But the latter, Lucy Kuziel-Zawalich, still decided to try to save him after the young cat began to purr and hug her suddenly. Miraculously, Rademenes still manages to heal and begin to comfort all other sick or injured animals in the shelter

Why did they give her that name?

Seeing this strangest conduct in an animal, the veterinarians of the center nicknamed him the Nurse Cat.
The cat's extraordinary attitude is related to the behavioral development of cats, explained Izabella Szolginia, the head of the center. According to the famous veterinarian Andrzej Klosinski, it seems that when they mature, male cats tend to care for their offspring by instinct.

Make no mistake, it is not out of altruism, but rather for the sake of complacency. When you treat your family, and oxytocin is released into the bloodstream. Oxytocin creates a sense of satisfaction and makes a person or animal more generous.

Rademenes feel the need to care for others because of this hormone. In any case, his name Rademenes is itself a carrier of an original story. In reality, it was the name of a magical cat who made vows in a film-novel entitled "Seven Wishes" broadcast on Polish channels. Thus. A little black cat of the Bydgoszcz hut has become the symbol of goodness, but also the little star of this place, once sad and dark.

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