A cat adopted in 1988 celebrates its 32nd anniversary this year

It is said that cats don't live much They said cats are not faithful. It's said cats don't know what love is. It's said that cats are malicious animals.
In this beautiful story, you'll know that cats are the opposite of what some people expect so enjoy it
In an incredible story, a woman who adopted a cat born in 1988 recently had the pleasure of organizing a 30-year-old party for her kitten! The typical maximum lifespan of a domestic cat is about 16 years.

little cat

However, this little kitten has lived for thirty miraculous years and is still doing as well.
The oldest cat in history has lived nearly 40 years with its owner. His name was Cream Puff and he died in 2005 at the age of 38. He currently holds the record in the Guinness Book of Records
who is Rubble? 

little cat

Rubble celebrated his 30th birthday in style! The cat, named Rubble, looks incredible because he is 30 years old and its owner, Michele Foster, is delighted to still have his furry friend by his side 30 years after his birth.

Rubble is an adorable orange and white kitten that was adopted by Michele in May 1988. Rubble was only a month old when he was adopted. Michele's sister's friend had a litter of cats born in April 1988
Michele, who lives in the UK, lived alone for the first time. She saw the litter of cats and immediately fell in love with Rubble. She did not want to live alone and says that since she adopted Rubble, she has a friend for life 

Has something changed in Rubble?

Michele says that Rubble became cranky as she got older, but that he still gives her the love and hugs of her youth. Michele says Rubble enjoys the time he spends alone as he grows up and spends his days curled up, enjoying his days quietly.

Rubble needs treatment for high blood pressure but is doing well. Michele says the incredible care provided by Rubble's veterinary team at City Vets has been a blessing for him and her.

The city's veterans team also fell in love with Rubble and even sent him a birthday present. Part of the gift was a free month of his medication, which Rubble surely didn't like as much as Felix's candy bags and Whiskas cat milk that the veterinary team also included in Rubble's gift.

Michele proudly treats Rubble as if he were her child and believes that her love and caring attention helped her stay alive. She firmly believes that when you love and care for someone, whether it's a furry person or friend, love and dedication go a long way.

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