A cat travels to many countries and catches selfies in places some people wish to visit

special introduction

There are many people who travel with their pets.

They say it's better to travel with their animal than to travel with people like you.

Animals are unobtrusive in travel, unobtrusive, fun, and don't get bored with them.

And that's what makes some people prefer to travel from their animal.

And today's story about a girl who traveled with her little cat to many countries of the world.

little cat

who is MaoMay the little cat?

"MaoMay" is a female Korat, a breed of cat native to Thailand and "easy to take everywhere," as Giulia says. "You can even get him used to walk on a leash," although "Mao" prefers to stay in his mistress' backpack. "The leash is just to prevent it from escaping into the street, in case of fear, or pigeons," continues the medical student.

"A few months ago, I would put it in my purse and go to the post office or shop with her, just to get her used to go out," explains the young woman, who had no plans to take MaoMay on vacation.

Giulia and her husband made this decision because they didn't have a choice. "These cats are more attached to the master than to their home" she says.

little cat

And the latter had proof of this: "I left MaoMay alone for the first (and last) time just 48 hours. I had instructed my neighbor to come by and feed her. When I came back, she was hysterical: she was screaming, crying, I couldn't get a centimeter away," she recalls. I felt the worst traitor. So I wanted to try to take it with me on my next trip. And it worked very well."

What places did the little cat visit?

Since then, the feline has seen the landscape, between the different European capitals he has explored and everything he has discovered there: a fountain in Turin, a graffiti in Paris, or a cotton candy stand.

little cat

On this Instagram account dedicated to the animal, we discover it from every possible angle: often from the back, if not from the front, wide-eyed or open-mouthed, as here in Barcelona:
Travel during your stays should also be taken into account. If MaoMay "loves the train and the bus, the car a little less, and the scooter too", this is not the case for all the mates. "The subway leaves her perplexed if there are too many people," adds the teacher. Some modes of transport may be paid for, depending on the size of the animal.

You should also make sure to your guests that animals are allowed. "At first, they remain perplexed because they are not used to it, but I have never been denied this request." You should also be aware that there is a tax to be paid, "on average 15 euros per day".

"A cat is not a game or a hobby," the young woman says, "you must not force him to do things against his will."

She says she is "lucky" to have a "traveler" that is not "disturbed by [her] travels". But if it hadn't been, she would never have forced it. "I would have found a more suitable solution, possibly someone available to keep it"."

Finally, the latter stresses the importance of taking into account the character and habits of the animal before inviting it to its holidays, at the risk of "traumatizing" it or "that it escapes".

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