A woman adopts a cat after everyone abandoned him because he has AIDS.

little cat

sadness is not suffered only by humans but also by animals.

Sometimes the sadness becomes apparent to them, and this cat is classified as the saddest cat in the world because of his miserable eyes.

who is Bruce?

This nice cat lived for several years on the street. So when a woman came for him to the shelter, he was the happiest of cats.

little cat

A 6-year-old the cat was taken to the Animal Humane Society after spending many years on the street.

The poor little feline was in a sad state. In addition to scarring from fights, broken teeth and an eye injury (which had happily healed), he was also positive for feline immunodeficiency virus ( the cat AIDS).

Even so, he looked happy and purred when he was cuddled. It was decided to call him Bruce and the shelter began to look for him a home.

Every time someone stopped in front of him, Bruce would start purring, hoping that one day he would be adopted

For the shelter, Bruce is the sweetest and sweetest of cats. There is no doubt that it will brighten the lives of those who adopt it.

It was on International Cat Day (August 8) that Sandra discovered Bruce on the shelter's Facebook page.

"When I saw his picture, it went straight to my heart," says Sandra.

What did Sanda do?

She decided to go to see him at the shelter but knew she couldn't bring him back with her, her owner banning pets.

When she arrived, Bruce immediately looked at her with sad little eyes.
Sandra went home, but she was heartbroken. She hoped he would find a family soon, but she would go to the shelter page every day to see if he was still being offered for adoption.

When she learned that he had an upper respiratory infection, she went to see him and continued to visit regularly.

But after a month, Bruce still had no family. Sandra couldn't hold on. She asked her owner for permission, asking him to make an exception, not to mention sending a picture of the adorable cat 
And the owner, tender, agreed!

When Bruce arrived home, he immediately felt at home. Bruce began to purr, his paws outstretched, lying on the ground. He knew he was finally home forever!

" Bruce kept purring all night. Since that day, he's been following me wherever I go," says Sandra.

It took Bruce a few days to realize that he could eat without having to look for food or fight. He has someone who loves him now and he is happier than he has ever been.

In the following video, we can see his arrival in his new home:

"He walked into the bathroom when I was showering one day, looked at me and started being like he was trying to call for help to save me from the water," says Sandra.

As soon as Sandra sits down, Bruce comes on his lap and starts purring. He purrs so hard that one day the vet couldn't even hear his heartbeat!

Every morning, Bruce wakes up next to his mom. And in the evening, he falls asleep near her as well. His life has changed a lot. After spending years on the street, he's finally happy!

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