A young man travels the world with his black cat

The story of Rich and his black cat Willow shows that this is not always the case.

Every day we see a lot of people traveling with their animal dogs, cats or other animals.

so we conclude that traveling with your pet may not be a problem, it's just a step to strengthen your relationship with your pet.

Since May 2015, the young man from Hobart, Tasmania, and his inseparable feline have traveled 
more than 50,000 kilometers in Australia in a campervan, their house on wheels.

An exciting experience that, for Rich, represented a clean cut with his previous life.

After selling the house and his work, the only thing he could not part with was his cat 

Thus, enriched by the pet company this adventure "on the road". Calling it "domestic," however, is an understatement after those years of travel. As a true explorer, Willow travels the area where she and 

Rich have camped, are relaxed and curious and love this lifestyle.
And it couldn't be otherwise, given the wonders that both have had the opportunity to admire during these years of travel. Mountains, coral reefs, forests, beaches and "endless" roads. What the nature of 
Australia can offer is unique and unforgettable.

Thousands of people have followed the adventures of Rich and the black cat over the years, on its social pages. The boy constantly shared photos, videos about his long trip to Australia, receiving comments of admiration and encouragement to continue.

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