After the little cat went through a lot of difficulties a man decided to adopt her

little cat

Every day a beautiful story begins to bring someone together with a little cat that encounters it in 

Destiny is a beautiful thing.

The story today is about a kitten and a man who didn't expect to return with a little cat.

It's a very nice thing.

Enjoy the story.

where they did find the little cat?

Celine (@tartemadame) and her husband, Daniel (@cycling.dan), were cycling in the Breton countryside of France when they discovered a tiny calico walking around on its own.

"We were on a quiet road near a forest with no homes in the area, when all of a sudden we heard a shrill noise coming from a fern bush by the side of the road," Celine told Love Meow

"At first we thought it was a bird so we stopped to see where the noise was coming from. And then she appeared, a tiny, frightened screaming.

The little cat was under stress and didn't want to get close to the couple. Celine sat on the floor and spoke softly to the kitten to gain her trust.
the little cat went to Céline and decided she wanted a hug.

"She didn't leave me. She kept riding me with her paws and screaming," Celine said. At that moment, we realized that we had to try to bring her home.

The way back was long and it was not very easy to keep the kitten safe in their swimsuits since she kept moving.

Having no other choice, the couple decided to hurry to get to their car. the cat was sheltered, they left as quickly as possible hoping that the little cat would not walk too much.

How did the story end?

Once at home, they took a box and hurried back to get the cat. "As soon as I got out of the car and called her, she came out of her hiding place in the ferns and ran towards me," Celine told Love Meow.

The little cat jumped straight into her arms as if she were ready to go home with them. "She spent her first evening cuddling my husband as a thank you"

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