After the loss of her babies, this cat adopts cute puppies and raises them like her cubs

You only have to look at how the videos of cats are on the internet to understand how fascinating these little four-legged beings can be. They are funny, curious, warm, endearing and full of energy. But did you know that a cat could harness its energy from another animal? And here the cat has harnessed its energy to take care of cute puppies.

Sometimes a cat's passion can shock us and shock the people around it.

who is Kathryn?

A cat named Kathryn was found in an empty rental apartment in South Africa.

The new tenants who found the mom called the association Langebaan Animal Care to ask for help. 

Unfortunately, it was already too late to save Kathryn's newborns.

The cat was collected by Izelle Marallich, the president of Langebaan Animal Care, and from the beginning she asked for a lot of love and attention certainly because of the lack caused by the loss of her kittens.

She was extremely affectionate and was not afraid of any of my adopted dogs. She approached them and rubbed up against each of them," says Izelle. "Kathryn needed to sleep with someone. It was as if she never had enough love.

Despite her new family, Kathryn continued to mourn the loss of her babies 

how did Kathryn meet the cute puppies?

But Kathryn's life was still going to change when orphaned cute puppies were picked up by Izelle. Immediately, Kathryn developed a bond with the puppies. As soon as they cried for food, Kathryn was there to comfort them. She was trying to appease them by licking them.

They were a little confused at first and walked away from her, but she was persistent and continued to care for them," says Izelle. "They started to get used to her licking them and she started lying down with them so she wouldn't leave them.

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