After many problems, the cat became interested in the baby and considered him like his little brother

little cat

As we said in an earlier article, some cats may be jealous of many things.
But in this story, it started with a little bit of a thing, and it ended up with something beautiful and unique.
They say cats are not faithful and all they see is their interest.
So in this story, you will see something you have never seen before so focus on reading

What happened?

The arrival of a baby can rewrite all the cards, and cause your pet's heart to capsize.

For the worse, but also the better.
Grace is the most egregious proof of this. Once independent and unattached, this cute cat has become a real pot with her little brother…

little cat

Although friendly, Grace is a cute cat who "likes to keep her distance" says her mother, Jeannie Seiler-Laderer. 

She confirms to The Dodo that her feline, adopted 5 years ago in a shelter, is some independent. Or was it until recently…

Because Jeannie gave birth to Jensen. A little being intriguing to Grace. She initially ignored her little brother, confirming Jeannie's fears about accepting a new member into the family. And then, against all odds, things changed. 

"It took 6 weeks for Grace to realize that the baby was a human being and that he was going to become her family favorite.
Now the cute cat follows him everywhere. »

Grace tracks a Jensen better protected than no one. "When we go home with the baby, she is the first to welcome us on the doorstep.

Before, she didn't care. During all Jensen's naps, she is curled up by his side or on him. »

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