A girl shares photos of her biggest cat in the world

why you need a crazy cat?

Cats are perfect pets for those who have a busy schedule or live in apartments. They are not demanding in maintenance, most of them themselves. At the same time playful and endearing, they are the ideal companion to have at home.

The breed of Maine Coon crazy cat is particularly sublime with its refined coat and impressive size, they would be in addition to a keen intelligence and great beauty! Let's discover the portrait of Lotus, an exceptional Main Coon cat of this owner. 

how is The Main Coon

The Main Coon is a cat native to North America, generally recognizable by its size (it often exceeds 1 m in adulthood) and the distinctive features that give it a special charm.

Here we discover the photos of Lotus, a domestic cat whose owner is proud, and who spreads his portraits on an Instagram account she is a dedicated feline star and with more than 270,000 followers.

Cream-colored and with a large fur, he captivates by his look and length (he almost reaches the height of his mistress when he holds on his two hind legs) as well as by his lynx ears.

Because of their rarity and magnificence, these are cats that are still expensive to acquire (around 1200 euros) and that require a lot of living space. Their life expectancy is between 9 and 13 years and has a mild and measured temperament.

To contemplate it, it would almost look like a mythical creature so its beauty is fascinating and unusual. He is also very sociable and cuddly and loves moments of play with his owner.

Like many of the owners of these exceptional cats, the desire is to spread their beauty to the world by immortalizing them with beautiful clichés. The case here of its owner who did not hesitate to create a dedicated account for aficionados of the breed to enjoy in turn.

The characteristics of the Main Coon crazy cat

As you will have understood, the greatest distinction of Main Coon cats lies primarily in their impressive size. But this is not their only attraction as they also possess a fearsome hunter instinct that makes them perfect companions on a farm or in habitats where rodents proliferate.

They adapt easily to the environment to which they belong and are not of great demand in terms of attention and needs. They are therefore wasn't offend if you are busy and do not have much time to give them.

the cats usually satisfied with your presence and the rare moments of play and attention that you share with them are more than enough for them.

the crazy cat is also easy to occupy (balls, balls of wool, pieces of padded paper, toys …) and love to practice their hunting skills by running after various objects. It's a way for them to maintain their skills and sharpen their feline instincts. They will have a preference for games that tickle their intelligence and present themselves in the form of puzzles!

what the crazy cat like?

This breed of a crazy cat is not one of the big meows, so it does not constitute any noise nuisance, so she reassured your eardrums and those of your neighbors!

As for grooming, it is advisable to brush it about twice a week with a steel comb to rid it of the dead hairs that settle on its coat. You can also use special oils to strengthen its silky fur and beautify it. Their tail is often checked because of the rest of the feces that can remain attached to them, do not hesitate to clean with wipes to remedy it. As for the bathing process, it is usually spaced a few weeks or months apart depending on the greasy appearance or not of its coat.

it recommends to brush their teeth and cut their nails. Also check the ears frequently for fleas or infections and clean them with a solution made from cider vinegar and lukewarm water.

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