Four years later, she's finally found her cute cat

This story is about hope
The hope that the owner of this cute cat has never lost.

This lady has been calling for social media to find her cute cat, who has been missing for seven to four years due to the earthquake.

You look at the story and you never lose hope.

Nearly four years ago, after a powerful earthquake struck central Italy, an an elderly woman named Dora had to leave the area like many others.

She had lost her home, but she had also lost much more than that. Amid the chaos and confusion that followed the disaster, Dora's beloved cat disappeared and she never saw him again.

little cat

what happens in 2020?

Never until recently!
In early March 2020, a person close to Dora announced on social media that her the long-gone cat had finally reappeared, ending their many years of separation.
"Our dear Dora never stopped looking for him," says Mimma Bei, a friend of Dora's. "Who knows where he's been for so long."

Watch these moving reunions!
Fortunately, Dora's cat seemed to be in good health despite his long absence. What a joy to see them reunited together again!

Four years later, the cat remained loyal and got to know his adoptor easily and expressed his love for her.
It is said that cats are not faithful so this is an example to know that cats are loyal and deserve to be called a friend 

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