Her adopter didn't expect his cute cat to become the biggest cat in New York

We always find big cats, surprise their adopters with their big ones that he didn't expect.

There's a lot of big cats, and this cute cat down there is one of them.

litlle cat

She is famous on social media and is popular for her beautiful and fun pictures

Samson is not the biggest cute cat in the world, but with his imposing size and weight, he is not far from the record holders in this field.

Its owner adores it and this feeling is reciprocal.

litlle cat

who is Samson?

Jonathan Zurbel, the owner of Samson, makes no secret of his pride. According to him, his 6-year-old cute cat is the largest in New York and perhaps even in the United States.

That's how he presents it on the Instagram account he dedicates to him. More than 200,000 followers follow him on the social network 
But much more than the size of this Maine Coon, it is above all his personality that earns him the love of his father. 

The feline, in fact, constantly asserts its sweet and affectionate character. Every morning, he wakes Jonathan up for a moment of tenderness before letting him go to work.

her Specifications

Samson weighs nearly 14 kg and measures 120 cm. So he is part of the club of gigantic domestic cats. It is not far from the 123 cm worn by Stewie, another Maine Coon who had entered the famous Guinness Book of Records. He died in 2013 at the age of 8 in Reno, Nevada.

litlle cat

Jonathan had adopted Samson from his brother because he could no longer care for him because of his professional commitments. And taking care of this cute cat, precisely, is no small matter. 

Unsurprisingly, it's the food component that swallows up the bulk of the budget that the New Yorker spends on his big cat friend.

He also takes him several times a year to groom him. And here too, the bill is quite salty: 120 dollars a session or nearly 110 euros.

But when you love, you don't count, and your dad doesn't look too much at the expense when it comes to taking care of Samson.

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