His car broke down in the middle of the road, but he meets a little cat that changed his life

How did he meet the little cat?

the little cat

Jason Belisha was rather annoyed when he broke down a car.

But it didn't bother everyone and certainly not a little cat that was around.

Jason was returning the car he had rented for a repair when he heard a small meow in the parking lot where it was parked.

"I looked left and right, then finally under the car next to me, where I found the poor little guy all wet and alone," says Jason.

To his surprise, the little cat was not afraid at all and came to rub his hand.
Although saving a cat was not in Jason's plans, Jason knew he couldn't leave it there alone.

"It's at times like this that I think, "This has to happen for a reason," says Jason. "And if I were a homeless kitten, I'd want someone to help me.

What happened later?

Jason explained to the rental agency that he will need the car a little longer than expected to drive this little cat to the shelter.

the little cat

But when he arrived at the local shelter, Jason was quickly disillusioned because he was told that the 
little cat was more than 3 months old, so he would be put back on the street because he was able to fend for himself.

The shelter gave Jason a transport cage, but the little cat .

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