How can I communicate with my cat? Learn to talk cat!

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You think your cat can't talk to you and you can't answer him? Learn to talk to the cat by paying attention to his body language and vocalizations.

Learning to talk to your the little cat is not just a sleight of hand that you can perform to entertain your guests.

This is an important part of his training and strengthening your bond with him.

Teaching your little cat simple commands like "Get down!" and "No!" will make him a better pet, while words like "Treat" and "Eat" will help He associates you with something nice.
Scientists agree that meowing is a form of cat language
What do you benefit from?

Understanding the meaning of your cat's meows allows you to react appropriately, which can strengthen the bond you share with your chatty little cat. But there's more to understanding cats than just decoding the familiar meow.

Cats rarely vocalize with other cats (except to whistle and growl at intruders); they reserve verbal interaction for humans. Cat language is a complex mixture of facial expressions, tail position, ear position and other forms of body language, in addition to smells and sounds.

Cats learn to be demanding of us by observing what sounds cause human responses.

the communication words

litlle cat

So here's how to communicate with your little cat.

Wondering how to talk to the little cat?
Before discussing how to talk to the cute cat, here's how to understand your cute cat. Follow these tips and tricks.

Some cute cats (such as eastern breeds) are vocal and have an extensive vocabulary. Other cats hardly "talk" or have the only meow for almost everything.

Whether your little cat is vocal or not, it will speak body language fluently, a key element of its interactions with you and other animals. 

By listening to her body and voice, you can learn to talk to the cute cat.
The following sounds are common enough to learn to speak to her:

Miaou runs: "Hey, how's it going?"
Several meows: "I'm so happy to see you! Where were you? I missed you! »

Miaou not too strong: A call for something, usually a dinner, treats, or to go outside.
Miiiiaaaaaaoooou extended: "Have you forgotten to feed me, idiot? I want to eat NOW! or a similar request.
Miaaoouu grave: "You suck so bad. The service here is null," or a similar complaint.
Strong and high-pitched meow RRRROWW! "AE !!! YOU STEPPED ON MY TAIL, YOU IDIOT! »
Purring: Most often a sign of contentment, but can also be used when you are in pain or afraid (an instinctive reaction to hide your weakness from predators.)
Whistle: "Stay away. I'm angry and I'm not afraid to spill blood."

Paquete: cute Cats that stalk their prey emit a characteristic rattling.

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