the cat loves This place so much, when he died they made for him a statue

what happens in Istanbul?

Istanbul is known and famous all over the world for its melting pot of cultures halfway between the West and the East, for its incredible architectural works and its fragrances.

To give even more resonance to this beautiful city, there was a cat that, in recent years, has become a true celebrity of the web.

Today Tombili the cat is no longer of this world because of an illness but his fellow citizens wanted to honor him as he deserved.

how is Tombili the cat?

Not everyone is known about the story of Tombili the cat who became a real celebrity in Istanbul. This cute kitty had become famous on the Internet for the languid poses he took when he relaxed on the walls and sidewalks of his neighborhood.

Although he was a wanderer and had no real home, Tombili was much loved by the locals and everyone cared for him and, judging by his belly, he never ran out of food.
The cat thus became the mascot and symbol of the city, reminding passers-by who met him to live life with more tranquility, less stress and to find a moment of relaxation. Unfortunately, Tombili fell ill and, despite the efforts of his fans, he died a few days later, leaving the whole city heartbroken.

What did people do?

Many began to leave notes and signs in the memory of the cat on his favorite bench and on the sidewalk that made him famous. This provoked the reaction of his biggest fans, who thought it was right to honor the cat as it should make his memory live forever.

This is how the petition in honor of Tombili was born and to erect a bronze statue of the feline in its most "emblematic" pose.

After collecting 17,000 signatures, the statue has been finally revealing to the public, humans and other cats in the neighborhood who will try to honor Tombili's heavy legacy.

Today, the Automobili statue is the memory of a special cat who taught the people a place that he loves him to relax and enjoy life!

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