A man whose life changed after spending $4, 000 to make a cat tree for his cat.

We always find people doing crazy things for their pets, and this guy is one of them, but it's changed his life for the better.

by Rob Rogalski, the multi-talented artist we're going to talk about today who came up with the idea of improving the concept of cat tree… sculpting a tree for her cat in the living room.

ob Rogalski is an artist-sculptor who creates sumptuous decorations for individuals and professionals.
His magical creations instantly transport us into a fantastic world.

reproducing a tree is the context of his achievements Rob Rogalski has the idea to please his cat, seems to take up quite a bit of space in his living room. But the décor remains unusual and spectacular and we must admit that it blends perfectly with its interior and drastically changes classic cat trees with their small platforms 

what happened to cattery?

And the creation of our artist has been so successful that now he proposes to his clients to reproduce at home his famous cat tree. He said: "First of all, I design and build according to the specific needs of the place and my clients. For permanent installations, such as cat trees, I start by building a wooden frame, then cut sheets or blocks of moss that are then covered with pulp or clay particles."

In short, Rob Rogalski's sets are designed to be durable. But to get a copy of this tree, you'll need a minimum of $4,000 to $4,500 anyway!

Below, we'll let you discover the photos of this extraordinary achievement and we invite you to visit Rob Rogalski's portfolio to learn more about it. And on the same subject, we invite you to discover the facilities of the company Catastrophic Creations which offers you to create a modular cat tree on the walls of your home.

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