The class was very boring, but the cat's coming changed everything

Tombi the orange cat

orange cat

One day, when no one knew where this cat was coming from, an orange cat named Tombi arrived at a public school in the city of Izmir in Turkey.

While most stray cats can be stressed by the presence of people, especially if they are children running around, Tombi the orange cat was very friendly and was not afraid of anything. He went to the children to ask for caresses and hugs.

But it wasn't enough for him. We had to go even further than the school gardens.

So after a few weeks, the cat decided to go to class too and he went to one of them made up of children aged 8 to 9.

Did he stay in the class?

the orange cat arrived in our classroom," says teacher, elm "Children love him very much.
And little by little, Tombi became a full member of the class.

Having a cat in the classroom might suggest that it's a real distraction for the students, but according to the teacher, the opposite is happening.

orange cat

Indeed, the children are very excited and happy to come to class to see their new feline friend.

Previously, between classes, students used to run around the classroom.

But with Tombi's presence, they are much more focused and even eagerly await the morning.

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