The ghost cat who watches his adopter and is jealous of the people

little cat

Kittens have become characterized by some human features such as jealousy and love of attention.
And they may do a lot of strange behaviors to please themselves and draw attention to them.

Today's story is about a ghost little cat who watches his adoptor and tries to get his attention with all sorts of tricks.

who is SALEM little cat?

little cat

Salem is a very resourceful little cat. Despite his young age and small size, he still finds a way to achieve his goals.

Recently, he surprised his mistress while she was cooking, when the place he was trying to reach seemed unattainable.

No obstacle is insurmountable for Salem, a Persian-bred kitten. His youth, his small size, and his tiny legs do not prevent him from achieving his goals, nor from satisfying his insatiable curiosity 
Every time his mistress, Samantha Burshaw, does something, he arranges to be in the front row and watch it carefully. "He's so smart and determined that he always finds a way to get what he wants,"

What does Salim do to his adopter?

little cat

A few days ago, the young woman was in the kitchen, cutting vegetables on her worktop.
Salem, of course, wanted to see what she was doing at all costs.

There was no question of him missing even a crumb of the show. But he faced a big problem: the worktop was too high for him and there was, on the face of it, no possibility of going up there.

The little cat attempted the first approach: he began to give small paws and scratch the legs of his owner to get her attention, hoping that she would agree to wear it.

But it didn't work. Samantha Burshaw continued to go about her business. Seconds later, however, 
what was her surprise to find the little feline right in front of her! How did he rise to the level of the work plan?

In fact, behind it was his scratcher. The little cat climbed to the top of the latter and positioned itself at its top by standing on its hind legs.

Samantha Burshaw explains that he had climbed his scratching pan several times in the past, but that it was the first time he had stood there like this, "like a meerkat," she adds amused.

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