The most famous street cat in the world

little cat

Street cats are really poor, they're being bullied and marginalized, and they can't find anything to eat.

That's the normal kind of street cat, but Allon's going to be a special, normal but very famous street cat.

Everyone who sees him on the street stops to take a good picture.
Today's story is special.

Few people come across Mittens in the street and don't stop to take a picture of him.

who is Bored Panda the cute cat?

little cat

This cute cat is a real celebrity in the New Zealand capital, but also on social networks.

A Dedicated Facebook group has tens of thousands of members.

In Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, almost everyone knows Mittens Even people who have not met him on the street have certainly heard of it.

little cat

As Bored Panda recounts, this 10-year-old cat of Turkish Angora breed is everyone's friend. 
The majestic feline goes absolutely wherever he pleases. 

He walks into people's homes to take a nap, visit shops and even offices. 
He's always welcome. Who, by the way, wouldn't like to welcome a star home?

But rest assured, Mittens does have a family. In the evening, he always goes home to spend the night in the shelter and with his family.

This cat is so well known in the city that a Facebook group has been created in his honor: The Wondrous Adventures of Mittens. It has more than 35,000 members! Excuse me a little…

Residents and tourists never miss the opportunity to take a picture of him or, when they do, take a selfie with him. 
Clichés that regularly enrich the already well-developed album of the band.

Mittens perfectly represent his race. The Turkish Angora, known for its touch-pleasing hair, is also known for being both sociable and independent.

Here are some of his photos from the Facebook group mentioned above:

little cat

little cat

little cat

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