The sad cat lost his parents in a sad way, but He finally can be happy becouse...

Orijen kitten

One of the characteristics of cats is tenderness and only the female has

A cat can take care of a little cat( Orijen kitten ), even if it's not her son.
And every day we see such events in our lives

But today, the story is different than you usually know. Read it carefully and enjoy it.

who is Lilac the Orijen kitten ?

Lilac, a little grey Orijen kitten, and her brother were brought to the Alley Cat Rescue shelter in late 2019. Both wandered, they were in a sad state and, despite all efforts to save them, Lilac's brother did not survive.

The Orijen kitten found herself alone and quickly clung to those who took care of her.

But she needed company and her rescuers knew who to introduce her 

what's the story of HARROW?

Harrow, another cat rescued from the street, was already old but loved kittens. He was always ready to give tenderness to the little orphans.

When Lilac Orijen kitten met Harrow, she immediately snuggled up to him to never leave him.

She was cuddling him all the time. When we separated them, she started crying until Harrow came back," says Alley Cat Rescue.

Harrow's regular purring and warmth have become his source of comfort. She immediately stopped crying when she found herself between her paws.

During her recovery, little Lilac had to spend a day at the vet for further tests.

When she returned, she went straight to snuggle up to Harrow and then began purring before falling asleep.

Lilac loves food and as you can see, she often has it on her face!

With daily care, good meals and all Harrow's love, the Orijen kitten finally regained her appetite and started eating on her own.

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