The security man cries hard after he found his cat after months of research

little cat

Matthew and his cat, named Ashes drove across the United States in his truck. The 3-year-old tiki cat and its owner has a very special bond, reports Lollypop Farm.

When they stopped in Ohio in July, fate played a bad trick on them. Ashes got out of the truck, was surprised by something, and fled into the bushes.

Matthew was devastated and searched everywhere. In vain …

He finally had to hit the road, but over the months, he repeatedly jostled his route to be able to return to the scene to look for Ashes. Unfortunately, he was unable to find him.

little cat

Earlier this month, Kimberly stopped on her way to New York at the same location. Just before she left, she saw a skinny cat coming out of the bushes. The animal was starving and appeared to be cold.It was almost minus 10 degrees that day 
She asked around if anyone had lost a cat. When no one recognized him, she took the grey cat in her car to warm him up. Kimberley knew exactly where she needed to go to help this four-legged friend: the animal welfare organization Lollypop Farm.

When they looked into whether the tiki cat had a microchip, they were surprised. Not only did he have a chip, but his owner lived almost 2500 kilometers away!

Matthew was shocked when he received a call from the organization. He thought about his tiki cat Ashes every day and missed it terribly. Immediately, Matthew told the association that he would pick him up and take care of him until he arrived.

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