This cat they call him in the past the Viking cat

Cats have become many strange species.

little cat

Every day he discovers a new species or we recognize him.

Cats have become very many forms where there are more than 1500 types of cats and the number is increasing

Today's cat is a very beautiful little cat with assets that will shock you.

what is it the story of this little cat?

Being the largest breed of domestic cute cats, the Maine Coons are one of the most popular cats.

Because who doesn't like big and fluffy, right? 

These majestic felines can grow up to 40 inches in length and come in 75 different color combinations.

With their long multi-layered fur and large legs, the Maine Coon is very well equipped for winter.

One theory suggests that they are native to cats from the Norwegian forest because at the time they might have come to America with the Vikings.

Although this little cat has these long-haired felines have many distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other cats, there is one you can never miss.

little cat

Cats of this breed have distinct faces. Some of them are so special that they look like… human faces.

Recently, a cattery called Catsvill County shared pictures of a litter with 5 adorable gray kittens, and people immediately began to notice something strange about them: they all looked like grumpy old men.

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