This cat visits her elderly master who ended up in a nursing home

Friendship is not something specific or supposed to be with humans.

You may have a friend as a little cat or a dog who may be better than human friends.

Many people consider their kittens as their favorite friends.

little cat

And today's story about a more affectionate cat than humans.

who is CHICKEN the little cat?

A little cat named Chicken Little was living a happy life with her master, Tony. But he had a stroke and ended up in intensive care.

Of course, he would no longer be able to care for his beloved in the same way in the future and one of his neighbors started looking for a new family for Chicken Little, which broke Tony's heart 
Amanda Hassan was on a waiting list to make a chat home when she saw Tony's neighbor's ad on a Facebook page.

Amanda arranged to welcome her home and soon fell in love with the little cat. So she decided to keep it.

He called her Little Angel, but we started calling her Chicken Little because she "talked" a lot," says Amanda.

After being discharged from intensive care, Tony moved to a nursing home where he was able to receive the care and assistance he needed.

Even though Chicken Little was safe and happy in her new home, Amanda knew that she and her father had to miss each other.

With the help of Tony's neighbor, she arranged a surprise visit.
The nursing home does not accept animals, but the staff made an exception.

Nurses and health care workers pretend they don't see her," says Amanda.
At first, Chicken Little cat was a little shy in its new environment.

But as soon as she saw her human dad, she couldn't help but run towards him to rub and cuddle.
It seemed to light up when she did that," says Amanda.

Tony was just as happy to see her as she was to see him and he was so happy to finally be reunited with his little angel. 

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