This stray dog was found protecting kittens from the freezing cold

little cat

It's said that cats and dogs have been enemies for a long time.
Every day we find cases that indicate that the theory is not always true. 

And sometimes they cooperate to face the cruelty of life, and the story below is one of those cases.

While driving on a frigid night in Ontario, Canada, a woman noticed something strange.

There, curled up on the side of a snowy road, there was a stray dog shivering. But she was not alone.

The dog could have found a nicer place to spend the night. But she wasn't just thinking about herself.

As she approached, the woman noticed that the dog had wrapped herself around five orphaned kittens and that she was cuddling them to warm them up in these terrible temperatures 

The nice woman in turn saved them from the cold by taking them to the Pet and Wildlife Rescue shelter.

By this time, a very strong bond had already been created between the dog and the kittens.

For the shelter staff, one thing was clear. The dog had indeed saved the kittens from certain death.
"It's heartwarming!" said a spokeswoman for the shelter. "It had been a very cold night and these 
kittens would have had a hard time surviving."

Kittens are now safe, but require treatment for fleas and worms. Meanwhile, the nice dog, like a proud mom, comes to give them regular visits.

No one knows where the dog and kittens come from, or if they knew each other before dark. The shelter hopes someone will show up to claim them. But if that doesn't happen, they will be offered for adoption.

Thanks to this adorable, a sad ending has been avoided to the kittens. 

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