Zoe The little cat that was born with heart marks on her chest

Many people love cats and kittens. Some people don't care about the type of cute cat they buy or adopt, as long as it's happy and healthy.

little cat

Other pet owners are looking for cats that have certain colors or marks.
Whatever their choice, we are happy to see cats adopted. The feline population is so large at first, and too many stray cats roam the streets.

Although not everyone has the time or room to care for a little cat, it can be a wonderful choice when you need a furry boyfriend to hold.

Are you ready to hear a sweet story about a special little cat showing its love in a very special way?

little cat

who is Zoe?

Meet Zoe the cute cat beauty that was born with a beautiful mark on the chest 
Zoe has a solid black fur piece in the shape of a perfect heart, right in the middle of her chest. Zoe was offered for adoption with her sister, Izzy when their owners showed up to adopt the other little cat.

little cat

His humans fell in love with Zoe as fast as they did Izzy; so much that they decided they weren't going to leave the shelter without the two Bored Panda reports.

Izzy and Zoe have found their eternal home together! Both now live happily ever after in a house full of love and warmth.

We are delighted to see the adorable poses and hilarious expressions of these two cats. We bet they are valuable to play every day. 

The two sisters spend hours both playing and rolling over each other to the delight of their loving human family. Their expressions are priceless!

little cat

Although Izzy doesn't have the mark of the heart on her fur like her sister, she still has that big-eyed look! Cats in tuxedos are almost identical when you look at them, except that Zoe little cat has her characteristic heart. What a beautiful pair! 

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