8 proofs that your little cat is super happy with you

With his disdainful air and repeated teen crisis, you sometimes ask yourself the question: is my little cat happy with me? Yes, if he…

little cat

1-He brings you gifts

A ball full of dust, a sock (which belongs to you, but either), a pebble, a big mouse. When a little cat brings back a treasure, it's always to please. So we say thank you.

2-When your little cat kisses you

He comes to snuggle tenderly against you when you watch TV, he falls asleep on your head, pianos at the same time as you on your computer and makes you the one with his grated tongue … That's because he loves you madly!

3-He lets himself be petted

A little cat that lets itself be physically approached is a cat with confidence, zen, and therefore happy. He lies on his back and waits for you to stroke his? You have his eternal love.

4-Your little cat jumps like crazy

He starts to go back and forth in your living room, tries to climb the doors, and clings to your feet when you move… He's got joy to spare.

5-He bites

To make sure we didn't all have murderous cats on the editor's note, a vet was asked, "Is it normal for him to bite my arm?" Verdict: "If he bites, it's because he loves you. The little cat can't kiss, so he uses his teeth." Weird but true.

6-He purrs like a machine

When a little cat purrs, it's okay. Here too, it was the vet who said it!

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