A man hears the kitten crying and saves him from the side of the road just in time

A man saved a tiny kitten from the side of the road and transformed his life.

Was the little cat in danger?

little cat

A month ago, Stephanie Grantham, the co-founder of Sparkle Cat Rescue in Burlington, North Carolina, was contacted about a motherless kitten in need of help.

An emergency medical the technician found the little cat crying near the road in Mebane.

He looked around and could not find his siblings and his mother. The little kitten was too close to traffic, so he took him in his arms and brought him back to his car.

He reached out to Stephanie and offered to transport the boy to their rescue. The little cat was the size of a pint, but his will to live was strong.

What happened to the little cat?

Stephanie quickly wrapped the in a warm blanket and slowly introduced her to food. When his belly was no longer empty, he began to rise.

The rescue organized a foster home for the baby feline so that he could be cared for by an experienced foster volunteer, day and night.

Sarah Kelly welcomed him on his warm stay and named him Bear Grylls.

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