Meet Catio, she Loses her Ears To Infections, but she finds some kind of happiness...

Mercy is a beautiful thing that inspires the whole world.

Cats are vulnerable beings that need to be cared for and preserved. We don't want cats to suffer in silence.

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What's catio suffering from?

A woman’s type of coronary heart and knowledgeable hands have given catio the cat her confidence back and a new shot at life.

Ash Collins, who works with the Dane County Humane Society. got creative. However, when one of the cats in their care had to have her ear flaps removed.

The cat, named Catio in a Fur Coat she suffered from chronic infection and hematomas. Therefore, that subsequently supposed that the exterior element of her ears had to be eliminated to relieve her of the pain they caused.

The result is virtually adorable. She appears a bit like she ought to be one of the characters on a famous television show like Adventure Time or Bob’s Burgers.

And her lovely new look appears to have been effective.
Tons of supportive feedback.

they started out rolling in after DCHS posted about Catio on their Facebook web page and.

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