Meet Marley, The Permanently Disappointed Cat Who Looks Like He Is Judging Your Poor Life Choices

the crazy cat story

crazy cat

This cat shows very funny facial expressions.

It looks like he's pitying you.

But he's a very beautiful cat, loved by his family, and they call him a crazy cat.

This crazy cat didn't show these expressions at first, but soon his features began to change.
At first, he showed it when he was hungry.

Later, he showed these expressions when he was angry with this, called the crazy cat.

But in the end, those expressions became part of his personality.

the crazy cat has a way of looking at humans that says: “I know what you did, and I couldn’t be extra disappointed.”

And we love it.

crazy cat

There’s something about grumpy-looking cats that is simply so cute. We’ve accrued some of the
crazy cat most scathing looks, so get prepared to flip your very own frown upside down.

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