The woman wanted a picture of her 17 animals it took her a week to get a proper one

Everyone who has animals knows that in front of a camera there are those who are always posing, and those who do not hold up! Sometimes, getting a picture of your animals is a real challenge, as Kathy Smith has proven.

cute cats

What idea did Kathy want to do?

Kathy Smith, a 30-year-old English woman, recently decided to finally take a picture with her 17 cute cats and dogs. She wanted them all in one photo but it was impossible every time it was so hard.
So she decided to persevere and, after a week, she finally succeeded!
to make the picture It was not easy at all we need to thanks this woman for this picture.
Holding them on a single photo is not at all easy. It's even a nice challenge for her.

How did she take the picture?

How did she manage this trick: she initially called her dogs ruby, Ben, Max, Sheba, Teddy, Rio, Storm and Mishka. She asked them to settle down and managed to convince them with small delicacies.
Then she managed (and it was not at all easy) to bring the 9 cute cats on the couch.

They had to stay upright and attentive to be able to pass the photo. So she sailed from side to side so they kept a good angle and a good position.

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